TOA Canada Launches TS-820/920 Series Conference Systems

TOA Canada Corporation, manufacturer and distributor of premier commercial audio and security products, has introduced the TS-820/920 infrared wireless series conference system, which boasts a distinctive design and functional controls.

The sleek and modern-looking units have minimal contours and employ a pyramid shaped outline. 

“Our research and development team has created a visually appealing system, while at the same time enhancing the conference and audio quality,” describes Rico Lucia, Director and General Manager of TOA Canada. 

It can be used in both small and midsize boardrooms and council chambers and can be permanently installed or mobile.  

TOA’s new conference system provides secure infrared communication and voting capabilities for vital corporate meetings. Recordings are stored in the internal storage or external USB memory and easily accessible with TOA’s management software, accessed through a PC. 

One key improvement in this iteration is the enhanced Feedback Suppression that incorporates a seven-point filter to successfully minimize feedback. The limited open mics feature supports well-organized meeting, avoiding disorganized remarks. The chairperson unit has priority over all other units with the ability to mute all participants.