Twitter Blue

Subscription-based Twitter Blue Service is Coming to Canada

Up until now, you could use Twitter for free. And you still can. But the social site is now offering a subscription tier that will provide those who choose to sign on with access to exclusive features.

The first iteration of Twitter Blue is rolling out in Canada and Australia and will cost $3.49/mo. This will include access to features like the ability to bookmark folders so you can more easily organized saved content. Organize saved Tweets in a way that makes them more easily accessible when you want to call them up.

There’s also the ability to undo a Tweet, which can be for something as simple as to fix a typo (finally!) or add a tag. You can preview and revise the Tweet before it is pushed out live, allowing for that second chance to think twice about posting something questionable. Set a customizable timer that will let you undo a Tweet up to 30 seconds after you hit “Tweet” with a simple “undo” button that will stop the missive in its tracks before the Tweet, reply, or thread posts to your timeline.

Twitter Blue also includes a Reader Mode that eliminates the distracting noise so you can focus on a better reading experience of the Tweets, threads, and content that matters. Turn long threads, for example, into easier-to-read text to see all of the content in a nicer view.

Twitter Blue

Subscribers will also get access to perks, such as customizable app icons for their device’s home screen and fun colour themes for the Twitter app. There will also be dedicated subscription customer support.

This initial set of features was developed based on feedback that Twitter received from its community, with more features to come based on additional feedback.

“A free Twitter is not going away,” reassures the company, “and never will. This subscription offering is simply meant to add enhanced and complementary features to the already existing Twitter experience for those who want it.”