Freedom Mobile

Quebecor’s Videotron Unveils First New Freedom Mobile Plan

Following its recent acquisition of the Freedom Mobile brand, Quebecor’s Videotron has announced the first wireless plan with national coverage from the brand under its tutelage.

The plan will cost subscribers $50/mo. and includes unlimited calls and text messages and 40GB data anywhere in Canada and the U.S. This means subscribers effectively get U.S. roaming included in the plan.

Quebecor’s acquisition of Freedom Mobile was finalized on April 3, 2023, despite plenty of pushback against it. Competitor and independent telecom service company TekSavvy Solutions Inc. filed an application with the CRTC disputing the legality of the arrangement, which would include the acquisition of Shaw’s wireless spectrum licenses along with the Freedom Mobile business.

Nonetheless, Quebecor is already introducing enhancements to the Freedom Mobile business, including the Mobility Price Freeze Guarantee, which applies to all current and future customers for as long as they keep their plan. Active Freedom Mobile customers also saw a local data camp increase of 10% as of May 1, 2023, at no additional charge.

Freedom’s teams are working on upgrading the wireless network to support the upcoming implementation of 5G technology and seamless roaming.

Quebecor is a family business founded in 1950. The company signed an agreement with Rogers Communications last year to acquire Freedom Mobile Inc. for $2.85 billion. Quebecor said at the time that it would “ensure the presence and viability of a strong fourth wireless carrier in Canada.” Prior to the acquisition, Quebecor only operated in Quebec and Eastern Canada. Freedom Mobile customers are mostly located in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.