Watershed Group Holds Dealer Expo Featuring $220,000 Home Theatre Demo

Canadian high-end distributor, The Watershed Group hosted a two-day dealer reception at Toronto’s Airport Marriott Hotel early last week focused on one-on-one facetime with the group’s key vendors and suppliers.

Among the factory attendees were Per Becher, CEO of M&K Sound who traveled from Copenhagen, Katherine Spiller, Sales Director, Steinway Lyndorf, Maurizo Gaudio, CTO and Co-Founder of Colorbeam Lighting and Kevin Main, President & COO for Torus Power.

Per Becher, M&K Sound, CEO
John Stumpe (Station Earth), Rowan McLean (Station Earth)
Michael Chhangue (Black Bridge Systems), Dave Seiling (Station Earth)

“Our goal with the Expo was to create an intimate experience for our dealers and integrators to see and demo many of the products that we sell, and be able to meet and talk to the people behind the products,” stated Mark Lefler, Watershed Group’s Managing Director.  “Even at key industry dealer shows such as CEDIA, there’s not always an opportunity to properly hear, let alone see, some of the products we represent” added Lefler, “so to be able to create this experience for our key dealers, in addition to creating a platform for them to dialogue with the actual people that manufacture the products, is incredibly rewarding for our team.”

Roland Hoffmann, Steinway Lyngdorf, Director of Product Marketing
ED O’Herlihy (EQ Audio), Michelle O’Herlihy (EQ Audio), Benjamin Watt (EQ Audio)
Jeff Poxon (Forward Automation), Tim Kwai Pun (Forward Automation)
Dave Cartier (APW)

The intentionally intimate event saw about fifty dealers attend the two-day event including; Mike Hensrud of AVI Design who travelled from Montreal, Station Earth, Toronto’s Bay Bloor Radio and Whitby Audio, among others.

Maurizio Gaudio, CTO and Co-Founder Colorbeam

The $220,000 Grand Theatre demonstration comprised of the following components:
Digital Projection – E-Vision LASER 4K HC – Retail Value: $43,900.00 / Stewart Filmscreen – WMVM148WST10WB2X – Retail Value: $22,900.00 / M&K Sound – S150(3), X12+(2), S150T(4) – Retail Value: $37,900.00 / Lyngdorf Audio – MP-40, SDA2400(4) – Retail Value: $33,530.00 / Kaleidescape – Puppy Dog Demo System – Retail Value: $10,395.00 / Basso Continuo – Accordeon XL4 2.0 MC Edition, Bandura XXL4 2.0 MC Edition – Retail Value: $17,700.00 / Torus Power – RM 60 BAL – Retail Value: $9,999.00

The Epson Theatre Components included:
Epson – LS12000 – Retail Value: $6,499.00 / Cirrus Screens – CS-138SP240G3 – Retail Value: $1,680.00 / Lyngdorf Audio – TDAI-3400, SDA-2400, LS-1000(2), BW-20(2) – Retail Value: $33,320.00 / Kaleidescape – Puppy Dog Demo System – Retail Value: $10,395.00 / Basso Continuo – Lyra XL4 2.1 Cerbero Black – Retail Value: $4,700.00

Lyngdorf Audio Components included:
Lyngdorf Audio – TDAI-3400, CUE100 – Retail Value: $52,820.00 / Basso Continuo – Lyra XL4 2.1 / MC Edition – Retail Value: $5420.00

Steinway Components included:
Steinway Lyngdorf – P100, A2, Model A – Retail Value: $118,000.00 / Basso Continuo – Accordeon XL4 2.1 Nighthawk – Retail Value: $7,980.00

Andrew Han (Climax AV)
Court McClelland, The Watershed Group, Account Manager

“We are very pleased with how the event unfolded” concluded Lefler who added “we see value in expanding the event for next year.”