BuddyPhones Pop Fun headphones two two kids

Onanoff’s new BuddyPhones Pop Fun Wireless Headphones for Kids Focus on Safe Listening

Onanoff has introduced the latest model in its growing BuddyPhones lineup of kids’ headphones: the BuddyPhones POP Fun wireless kids’ headphones are designed to protect a child’s hearing thanks to SafeAudio technology.

SafeAudio limits the volume on the BuddyPhones POP Fun wireless kids headphones to 85/94dB so the child cannot listen too loudly, which can cause hearing damage. To appeal to kids, the kid-sized headphones also come with fun designs and stickers so young ones can personalize the look.  

BuddyPhones Pop Fun kids headphones

They come with durable, washable earpads that Onanoff says are comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. They are adjustable to fit different sized heads and can be folded for packing away when not in use. The included foil decals can be used to personalized the look further.

The BuddyPhones POP Fun boasts a 24 hour battery life for wireless use but there’s also a wired connection option that can be used, even if the battery has depleted.

Onanoff headphones use a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children by the World Health Organization.

BuddyPhones Pop Fun headphones two two kids

The Onanoff POP Fun wireless headphones are available in white, blue, green or yellow for US$40; Canadian pricing and availability was not available at the time of this writing.