LumixUV disinfection tech for retail

CES 2022: lumixUV Shows Disinfection Technology for Retail POS Terminals

One of the most high-touch surfaces in public spaces is the point-of-sale (POS) terminal, particularly for retailers who don’t have touch-enabled terminals or purchase over $150 where touch isn’t permitted. The buttons can be wiped down after each use, but lumixUV has an innovative solution for retailers that can help prevent the transmission of germs at these terminals.

The patent-pending lumixUV terminal disinfection system uses UV-C light energy to sanitize surfaces and kill germs. High-powered UV-C LED lights pass over the POS terminal system and disinfect at a level comparable to Lysol or alcohol, says the company, without the risk of damaging the terminal that comes along with applying liquid disinfectants. Additionally, lumixUV has developed complementary individual credit card disinfection devices designed to sanitize the customer’s card in applications where the customer must physically hand their credit card to an employee for processing, thus protecting the employee and the consumer from the transmission of germs potentially being carried on the card itself.

LumixUV disinfection tech for retail

“Eighty per cent of illness-causing germs are spread by our hands and POS terminals are touched by hundreds of people, if not more, on a daily basis,” says Mark Lyle, co-founder of lumixUV. “UV-C disinfection is effective in maintaining cleaner, safer, high-touch surfaces.

“Human behaviour is difficult to change,” he adds. “It took over 100 years for hand-washing to become commonplace after it was discovered to be effective in reducing the transmission of illness. Implementing effective and automated disinfection systems in high-risk areas – and doesn’t rely on humans, is critical in preventing the spread of disease.”

LumixUV disinfection tech for retail

LumixUV is also adapting its technology to work with many self-serve kiosks at airports, offices, and additional high-touch surface applications which can also be disinfected with UV-C light.

lumixUV technology will be on display at CES  at the Sands (Eureka Park Marketplace) Hall G, 63347.