Samsung SmartThings Tesla

CES 2024: Samsung Partners With Tesla for SmartThings Energy

Samsung is announcing a partnership with Tesla at CES 2024, integrating its SmartThings Energy with the Tesla API to enhance the residential energy experience.

The feature will connect SmartThings Energy with Tesla products, including Powerwall home battery, Solar Inverter, Wall Connector charging, and electric vehicles. The collaboration is made possible thanks to Tesla’s open APIs.

“Tesla Energy’s customers can now manage and monitor the power status of their homes through SmartThings Energy and Samsung devices in addition to the Tesla app, ensuring more access and connectivity,” says Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President and Head of IoT Development Team of Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics. “This new collaboration is a key milestone for Samsung Electronics in making our solution more widely available beyond home appliances.”

Samsung SmartThings Tesla

With the new partnership, SmartThings Energy can display information relating to the energy production, storage, and usage. Additionally, you can better prepare for power disruptions and outages through SmartThings Energy’s ability to sync with the Tesla app’s Powerwall “Storm Watch” function. This means that in the case of extreme weather events such as typhoons or heavy snowfall, you can be alerted through SmartThings on a connected Samsung TV and mobile device in addition to the Tesla app.

Further, you can activate AI Energy Mode before and during power outages to extend the remaining backup energy stored in Tesla Powerwall.

Samsung’s usage of the Tesla API is part of the company’s goal toward making progress on the Net Zero Home project and enhancing the multi-device experience of SmartThings users.