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Focal Replaces Clear Headphones With the Clear Mg Luxury Headphones

Focal has introduced its new pair of reference luxury headphones, the Clear Mg, which will replace the Clear headphones in the line-up and remain at under $2,000.

The open-back headphones, which will sell for $1,990 in Canada, feature a magnesium dome for the drivers combined with an ‘M’-shaped dome that Focal says contributes to “even more lightness, rigidity and damping.” Combined with an amplifier/DAC, Clear Mg headphones offer an impedance of 55 Ohms.

The solid aluminum yoke has been developed to mold to the face while the headband is covered in genuine leather and microfiber to offer a constant curve, no matter which way the head turns. The perforated microfiber earpads offer enhanced opening and comfort as well.

The outside of the earpads, meanwhile, boast a sophisticated honeycomb pattern with a Chestnut and Mixed-Metals finish that Focal says blends classic and modern looks. The carrying case has been woven in colours to match the headphones.

Focal Clear Mg headphones