Bluebird Now Offering Jadis JS2 MkIV DAC

Bluebird Music has announced the availability of the JS2 MkIV DAC, from French audio manufacturer Jadis.

The MkIV iteration of the JS2 provides features and technology derived from the JS1, Jadis’ flagship two-box DAC. The JS2 now provides much of the JS1’s sound quality and versatility at a lower price point, and in a single component.

The JS2 MkIV has totally redesigned digital circuitry coupled to an optimized USB digital interface, which allows input rates up to 24 bit / 384 KHz and assures compatibility with a wide range of Hi-Res music files, including DSD. Processing is performed by a pair of the latest-generation AKM 4497 DAC chips arranged for symmetrical processing, a technique pioneered in the JS1. Using a separate AKM 4497 for each channel totally eliminates inter-channel crosstalk, and results in superior digital noise suppression.  

The analog circuitry of the JS2 has also been completely revised to provide complete separation of the channels by using both sides of the ECC82/12AU7 dual triode in each channel. This, says Jadis, provides “superior imaging and a spacious, stable soundstage.”

The power supply of the JS2 has also been completely updated and improved, using a massive EI transformer, Schaffner filtering, and four individual power supplies, two in the digital stage, and two in the analog. A non-magnetic stainless steel enclosure and double-sided circuit boards with heavy copper traces ensure low noise and isolation from external interference. 

“The JS2 provides Jadis’ signature musical sound, and incredible resolution,“ says Jay Rein, President of Bluebird Music. “The updated JS2 is second only to the JS1 in terms of being engaging and eminently listenable, and is less-expensive, and more compact. We feel the JS2 MKIV will be the ultimate, final DAC for many music-lovers.”

The Jadis JS2 will retail in Canada for $11,500 and will start shipping July 2020.