Lenovo Reveals Its Holiday Consumer Line-up Of Yoga, Legion Laptops

Just as Fall is about to arrive, Lenovo is revealing its holiday consumer line-up in preparation of the upcoming season. The line includes three new premium laptops: the Yoga Slim 9i, Yoga 9i 2-in-1 convertible laptop, and the Legion Slim 7i gaming laptop.

The new Yoga 91 and 9i Slim come with Windows 10, the Slim 9i with an ultra-slim chassis and a genuine leather cover, and the 9i with the option to add the black leather cover.

Both offer fast responsiveness via next-gen Intel Core processors (coming soon) combined with graphics based on the Intel Xe architecture. The Yoga 9i also comes in a larger 15-inch option with the performance of up to 10th Gen Intel Core i9 HK-Series mobile processor enhanced by up to NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti with Max-Q Design.

The Yoga 9i convertible is also offered in all-metal and multiple colours, including warm Mica on the 14-inch and Slate Grey on the 15-inch model.

The 14-inch Yoga Slim 9i is just 13.9mm thin and weighs only 1.26kg. It offers up to 4K touchscreen IPS VESA DisplayHDR 400 (3,840 x 2,160) and up to 90% DCI-P3 colour spectrum and 500 nits of brightness optimized by Dolby Vision.

All of the consumer Yoga laptops offer visuals enabled by Dolby Vision and sound powered by a Dolby Atmos Speaker System delivered through dual front-facing speakers on the Yoga Slim 9i laptop, or via an improved Rotating Sound Bar capable of delivering Dolby Atmos experiences on the Yoga 9i. Design improvements include a larger sound tunnel and optimized speaker placements in the convertible’s hinge for clearer and deeper audio in every mode. The Yoga Slim 9i model with UHD display also offers a 3D Curved-edge Display as a premium option for a more streamlined look that’s inspired by the micro-borders of a smartphone.

The interactive touchscreen experience comes standard on both. The 14-inch Yoga 9i offers up to 4K IPS VESA DisplayHDR 400 and the metal option weighing just 1.37 kg or go for the 15.6-inch panel option for up to 4K IPS VESA DisplayHDR 400, also with 500 nits of brightness and weighing 2 kg. Help protect your eyesight by adjusting the tones of your display using Eye Care Mode via Lenovo Vantage.

To keep things cool to the touch, thermal venting holes are on the underside of the keyboard of the Yoga 9i, which lowers the device temperature by an average of two degrees Celsius over previous generation. The hidden heat vent behind the Yoga 9i’s rotating hinge has also been increased in size, while the fan blades have been slimmed down. 

With the 15-inch Yoga 9i with up to 16GB DDR4 memory and up to 2TB PCIe SSD storage, you’re also getting discrete graphics and two Thunderbolt 3 ports for power, speedy data transfers, and external display support. Both convertibles come with Windows Ink and a garaged active pen that fits comfortably in your hand and quickly recharges inside the PC when you’re not using it to sketch, doodle, or take notes. If you’re a scribbler who prefers a real pen in your hand, the new elastomer nib on the Yoga 9i’s digital pen replicates a nicer, smoother tactile feel when writing.

Also offered on the hand-tooled leather-covered 14-inch models in Shadow Black hue is an edge-to-edge Glass Palm Rest, and an encased Smart Sensor Touchpad that provides vibrations when pressed to recreate the familiar feeling of a real click. The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader is liquid resistant and works even with damp or freshly sanitized fingers.

Power on the laptop by lifting the lid. The soft-landing dome-design keypads enable a smooth, comfortable and responsive typing experience that feels bouncier, says Lenovo, and the Yoga Slim 9i also comes with Smart Sense Keyboard that auto-adjusts the keyboard’s white backlighting based on ambient light conditions.

To stay better protected on the Yoga 9i, slide the webcam’s TrueBlock Privacy Shutter closed. Featured for the first time on the Yoga Slim 9i is a new privacy advancement aimed at maintaining a slimmer top bezel while still shutting out unwanted onlookers: just flick an electrical shutter switch on the side to cut power to the Yoga Slim 9i’s built-in infrared (IR) camera for peace of mind. Your IR camera and Windows Hello work with Lenovo Smart Assist to enable smarter features powered by a Lenovo designed and tuned chip to achieve benefits like a more secure hands-free facial recognition login, plus you’ll get shoulder-surfing Privacy Alerts and automatic screen-locking when you walk away, thanks to the attention-sensing software from Glance by Mirametrix. The laptop will even call out with an alarm if it’s ever moved without your permission when your back is turned at your local coffee shop. 

The laptops can auto-upscale video content quality to 4K from 1,080p through use of machine learning in Windows Media Player and popular web browsers, known as Super Resolution 2.0.

Use  built-in mics to speak to Alexa even when your PC is locked. You can set reminders, control your smart home, play music, and either a skip song or crank up the volume without having to turn your attention away from what you’re doing. The Alexa Announcement feature allows you to broadcast short voice messages to Alexa-enabled devices. In the coming months, there will be more features from Alexa.

Enjoy faster charging and better performance without overheating and straining the system, thanks to the smarter dual charging built into the new Yoga Slim 9i. This special feature along with an increased battery capacity, up from a 52WHr battery to the more powerful 63.5WHr, means reduced fan noise for a better user experience and a longer battery life of up to 20 hours that exceeds the Rapid Charge Express standard with up to four hours of local video playback after charging in just 15 minutes. Get connected with up to three full-functional Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports placed on either side of the Yoga Slim 9i for super-fast transfer speeds and high ease of use without your cable getting in the way as you work.

With both Bluetooth 5.1 and Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) the 14-inch Yoga 9i convertible comes with two Thunderbolt 4 ports and up to 18 hours of battery life, along with Rapid Charge Express. Charge quickly with Rapid Charge Boost on the 15-inch Yoga 9i convertible and get up to 13 total hours of battery life, thanks in part to Lenovo Q-Control’s AI-powered Intelligent Cooling built in Lenovo PCs to optimize battery life and thermals according to your needs. To try other performance modes such as Battery Saving Mode for quiet activities and Extreme Performance Mode for heavy-duty tasks, press your Fn-Q keys.

The Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i 14-inch laptop (known as Yoga Pro 14s in China and IdeaPad Slim 9i in North America) will start at €1899 including VAT and is expected to be available starting November 2020. The 14-inch Lenovo Yoga 9i convertible laptop (known as Yoga Pro 14C in China) will start at €1799 for leather-covered model (including VAT) and the 15-inch all-metal model will start at €1999 (including VAT); both are expected to be available starting October 2020.

Additionally, Lenovo is also offering the Legion Slim 7i gaming laptop, which it says is the “world’s lightest” 15-inch GeForce RTX gaming laptop. Available in a compact 15-inch size, it comes with up to 10th Gen Intel Core i9 HK-series mobile processor, a Slate Grey hue, and is made from aerospace-grade aluminum.

With up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q Design GPUs for real-time ray tracing, Lenovo engineers work closely with NVIDIA on Max-Q-configured laptops to develop new features that increase both performance and power optimization like Advanced Optimus technology that lets you manage system graphics by intuitively switching back and forth from integrated (for light workloads) and discrete graphics to dramatically extend battery life for max frame rates when gaming on models with Full HD panel option.

Built-in Max-Q Dynamic Boost20 technology automatically enables real-time GPU and CPU power balancing, allowing your system to dynamically shift power from the CPU to the GPU during heavy-duty activities like gaming. By intelligently assessing your system’s power demand on a frame-by-frame basis, a power shift only happens when it’s needed, resulting in higher frame rates and smoother gaming for up to a 10% performance boost.

Other NVIDIA supported features on the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i with up to GeForce RTX GPUs include enhanced DLSS 2.0 (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, which uses AI to boost frame rates by up to two-times faster than the original while retaining a sharper image with half the pixels when ray tracing is enabled. 

At just 17.9mm slim and weighing just 1.86 kg, the Legion Slim 7i has a 71WHr battery that lasts for up to 7.75 hours and Rapid Charge Pro. 

The smarter airflow solutions of Lenovo Legion Coldfront 2.0 include new machine-drilled holes applied above the keyboard, a redesigned air intake system that is 31% larger to better manage any heat dissipated during heavy gameplay, with up to 115% more airflow going to the CPU and GPU than in previous generations. Combined with an increased number of exhaust fan blades so it can grab and push more cool air, and a smarter five-point sensor array that monitors the system to stay two steps ahead of any increased power demands, your cooling fans won’t get too loud to drown out the incredibly immersive sound of Dolby Atmos Speaker System with Sound Radar by Dolby, all set inside your laptop’s well-designed acoustics chamber to reduce rattling.

Bootup and log in with one click with an intuitive biometric Fingerprint Reader built into the power button, and for more privacy use the built-in Privacy Shutter on your new top-placed webcam. 

Options include an up to 2TB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD (RAID 0) of storage, up to 32GB 3200 MHz DDR4 of memory, and multiple 15.6-inch screen options, including up to 4K IPS VESA DisplayHDR 400 with 100% Adobe RGB, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and 600 nits of brightness—ideal for streamers. 

All visual displays offer expansive 85.6% screen viewing ratio and support Dolby Vision, which transforms entertainment through brightness, contrast, colour, and detail. 

The Legion Slim 7i comes with enhanced TrueStrike keyboard with second transition switches, all housed in an ultra-slim chassis including 100% anti-ghosting, a dedicated number pad, full-sized arrow keys and a large glass trackpad. You can also opt for cool Corsair iCUE RGB individual key illumination.

While on the go, gamers can enjoy all the advantages of an ultra-portable laptop powered by the latest hardware with fast-connectivity with Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+)14, two Thunderbolt ports, and Bluetooth 5, or choose to dial up at-home performance even further with the optional Lenovo Legion BoostStation eGPU.

 The 15-inch Lenovo Legion Slim 7i will start at €1299 and is expected to be available starting October 2020.

Lenovo Legion BoostStation eGPU starts at €349 as a standalone accessory or option to bundle with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 6GB GPU or 8GB AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU and is available now.