Nice/Nortek Announces Next Gen Elan A/V Switches

Nice/Nortek Control today announced the release of all-new ELAN Premium Series Audio & Video Matrix Switches, HDBaseT Receiver/Transmitter solutions, the ELAN Network Audio Interface and 2-Channel Audio Amplifier – each designed to ensure seamless, installation-wide transmission of audio and video from dedicated sources within the environment to their desired location.

The ELAN Premium HDMI Audio/Video Matrixes deliver the range of industry leading features required for today’s installations. With video distribution of 4K HDCP 2.2 compliant video, bi-directional IR and PoC (Power over Cable) up to lengths of 100m over a single CAT cable, the ELAN Premium Series simplifies the distribution of audio and video content throughout the home.

Available in two configurations (4X4 and 8X8), the ELAN Premium Series matrixes feature independent audio routing, Audio Return Channel (ARC), audio embedding, and de-embedding to make projects simple and reliable. The 8X8 model features a built-in audio matrix switch with up to 26 audio inputs – this advanced feature helps take the guess work out of system design and enables a new realm of distribution possibilities.

The ELAN Network Audio Interface enables delivery of bidirectional audio over a standard local area network using Dante Audio Networking

The ELAN Premium Series matrixes solutions take full advantage of all the benefits offered by HDBaseT technology for high-definition content distribution. The Premium Series are capable of feeding attached monitors 4K and 1080P images, in tandem with the industry’s most popular high-definition audio formats. The next-gen ELAN matrixes enable multi-media experiences while simultaneously providing seamless control integration of devices deployed throughout the project.

ELAN HDBaseT receivers and transmitters send HDMI signals throughout the home, enabling homeowners to watch video in remotely located rooms within the house. Onboard HDBaseT technology enables extending high-definition content beyond the limits of standard HDMI cables, offering greater flexibility to keep entertainment rooms free from the clutter of electronic devices and minimize all video, audio, control (2-way IR and Serial), and power transmission down a single Category cable.


With 2-way IR and RS-232 pass-through, the ELAN HDBaseT series provide seamless control of remotely located monitors, streaming sources, and gaming devices. The ELAN HDBaseT receivers are available separately, allowing integrators to take full advantage of the built-in HDBaseT transmitters from the new ELAN Premium and Video Matrix Series products. Available as both a KIT, (1 x ELAN HDBaseT receiver and 1 x ELAN HDBaseT transmitter), and distinct configurations, the ELAN HDBaseT Receiver/Transmitter solutions easily extend video, audio, and control over a single CAT5/CAT6 cable, eliminating all guess work and added expense of multiple cables.

Two new ELAN solutions that round out the Dante enabled line up, the Network Audio Interface and 2-Channel Amp enable decentralized installations, giving integrators the freedom to deploy sources and amplifiers throughout an installation where they make the most sense. Both solutions leverage Dante audio networking for distribution over long distances on the network to deliver high-quality audio with near zero latency.

The ELAN Network Audio Interface enables delivery of bidirectional audio over a standard local area network using Dante Audio Networking. Send audio from a single remote source to an ELAN Dante enabled amplifier or from an ELAN Dante enabled amplifier or preamplifier to a secondary non-networked amplifier.

The ELAN 2-Channel Amplifier can be deployed in single chassis mode, or multi-chassis mode. Integrators can now add one amplified zone to an ELAN, Dante enabled Audio Matrix in Multi chassis mode or a single, independent, zone in single chassis mode. In either use, it will supply 80 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms and is bridgeable to deliver 200 watts. This solution enables system integrators to extend audio to a remote location or add audio to a room that did not have it before – all without the need to run cabling back to the main rack.

All of the new ELAN Audio/Video Distribution solutions will be on display at CEDIA Expo 2022 in booth #21017.