Roland VMH-D1

Roland Headphones are for V-Drums, Electronic Drum Kits

The new Roland VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones aren’t designed for everyone: they are meant as a monitoring solution for electronic drumming.

Developed in partnership with V-MODA, the Roland VMH-D1s deliver premium sound, say the companies, helping to “realize the full sonic potential of V-Drums or any other e-kit.” They are comfortable to wear and outfitted with smart practical details.

The VMH-D1 is the first collaboration between the Roland V-Drums team and V-MODA, which is known for making headphones for DJs and electronic musicians. Working closely through many development stages, they crafted a special design that couples custom 50 mm drivers with select materials and new mounting methods to accurately translate the aggressive transients, wide frequency range and rich overtones of every electronic drum set.

Roland VMH-D1

Delivering a custom-tuned sound experience, the headphones connect the player with the sound, offering high-impact audio reproduction with “tight, punchy bass for kick tones; warm, full midrange for the snare and toms; and smooth, extended highs for the cymbals.” The big soundstage and crystal-clear separation also affords “subtle drum overtones; natural cymbal decay; room sounds; and ambience effects,” all of which Roland says are presented in full 3D detail.

With large memory foam earpads and a cushioned headband for extended playing sessions, the earpads offer isolation from acoustic pad noise and outside distractions. The soft synthetic leather covering, meanwhile, offers moisture-wicking properties to reduce slippage and keep the phones from moving when working up a sweat.

Roland VMH-D1 with drummer

The VMH-D1 comes with an extra-long 10-foot cable that provides plenty of length for routing it out of the way while playing. They also include a restraint for securing the cable behind the head and onto the floor behind the drum throne. A hanger is also included, which can be attached to a drum or cymbal stand to stow the headphones when not in use. A prominent red “R” on the right earcup makes it easy for the player to see the correct orientation when putting on the phones.

Though tuned for drums, the full-range VMH-D1 headphones are great for music listening too. Drummers can enjoy high-fidelity sound while listening to music, playing with backing tracks, and recording with music production software. There is also a shorter five-foot cable for casual listening away from the drums, plus a carrying pouch to keep the VMH-D1 protected while on the move.

The Roland VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones are now available in the U.S. for US$180.