Roon 2.0 ARC

Roon 2.0 Features ARC for iOS And Android Mobile Devices

Music management, discovery, and streaming platform Roon has released its latest software update, Roon 2.0, which adds Roon ARC for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Roon ARC mobile app is designed to provide Roon users with their entire music libraries on the go. Users get remote access to their entire Roon library of albums, artists, playlists, and tags. 

Free for all Roon subscribers, Roon ARC includes access to Roon metadata, including liner-notes, album and song credits, recommendations, Roon Radio, new releases and daily mixes.

Roon ARC integrates directly with TIDAL and Qobuz, linking your library of music with the millions of tracks available on these streaming platforms. This seamless integration means you don’t need to switch among different apps on your mobile device for streaming services: access TIDAL and Qobuz directly from Roon ARC.  

Roon ARC 2.0

Building on Roon’s existing support for a high level of digital audio performance, Roon ARC uses the same audio framework as Roon at home. By optimizing the signal path, Roon ARC ensures the best possible sound quality from whichever mobile device you’re enjoying your music on. The ‘Signal Path’ information tab within the app displays how the audio you’re listening to flows through to your device, all the way from source media to your headphones.

Using the Roon ARC app, you can also download any of your local playlists and albums directly to your mobile device to enjoy them offline. As Roon ARC downloads music to your phone in its original file format, rather than being compressed, you are ensured the best quality playback possible.

Roon 2.0 ARC

“Roon has set the standard for music experience in the home, and the thing we’ve heard most often from Roon users is that they want to take that experience on the road,” says Enno Vandermeer, Founder & CEO of Roon. “It really is a revelation to have all your music – plus Roon Radio, Daily Mixes, and Roon’s metadata – anywhere in the world.” ​