Sonance VX Series

Sonance VX Visual Experience Series Now Shipping

Sonance’s new Visual Experience Series architectural speakers has begun shipping. Introduced at CEDIA Expo 2023 last year, the new VX series from Sonance is available to order and will begin shipping to all North American customers from the company’s California warehouse.

Much like the Visual Performance series which has been a staple product collection for Sonance since 2007, the new VX Series will include over 21 models ranging in performance to suit different experiences and budget. The lineup includes replacements for all existing VP core models of round in-ceiling and rectangle in-wall speakers.

Sonance VX Series

Sonance has announced that a selection of Visual Performance models, including the Thin Line, Single Stereo (SST), Surround Sound, LCR, and VP Woofers, will continue to be available to support specialty applications.

In a shift from previous products from the brand, Sonance developed VX with flexible options for installation and trim style. The models will ship with a new Micro Trim grille as the standard option out of the box, with the option to order a Trimless grille, or even still, flush mount the speaker using Sonance TRUFIG Mounting Technology. With the various aesthetic options, you can seamlessly blend the new VX speakers into the design of any space.

Sonance VX series

At the heart of VX is the Sonance Sinusoidal Textured Waveguide Tweeter Design, a meticulously engineered technology designed to deliver consistent dispersion and speaker coverage so that sound tonality is unvarying regardless of where the listener is within a space equipped with VX speakers, says Sonance.

The Visual Experience line also features the Sonance CDX Crossover as seen in Sonance Invisible Series.