I was able to overclock my Intel Core i9-13900K by 5% using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility which works automatically for fast overclocking results or manually in Windows instead of the more complicated motherboard’s BIOS.

Intel Unison seamlessly connects your PC and Devices bringing together devices, operating systems, and form factors to create one integrated experience. It’s a true cross-platform experience compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

Based on the same Intel 7 processing architecture technology, 13th Gen hybrid processors feature two types of processing cores: performance-cores (P-cores) and efficient-cores ( E-cores). P-cores are more powerful running key applications faster while E-cores running at a lower frequency run secondary applications. The combination of power guzzling P-cores and slower power-efficient E-cores makes better use of per watt power, it runs cooler and runs single and multitasking apps faster than the 12th gen chips.

A clear shot across the bows of Nvidia and AMD hampered by chip component availability, hard-to-get and balooning prices on current graphics cards, save some cheaper underperforming models demanding users and the insane crypto miners don't care about.

For Intel and consumers, disruptive is a good thing expanding its graphics offering to the level of competitors

"Intel is back. The old Intel is now the new Intel as we look to the future," Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

Tile has partnered with Intel Corporation to bring its finding technology to upcoming Intel-powered laptops and notebooks.

Intel has introduced its 10th-generation processors, which provides plenty of advantages for gamers, content creators, and other professionals