Woman getting into an Uber

Uber is Now in Victoria, Kelowna, and Chilliwack, BC

Uber is expanding its ridesharing platform to more cities across Canada, and the most recent additions are Victoria, Kelowna, and Chilliwack in British Columbia.

“Just in time for a busy summer season, we are excited to bring rideshare to more British Columbians,” says Michael van Hemmen, General Manager of Uber Canada. “Residents and visitors alike now have a safe, affordable, and reliable option to help get them where they need to go, when they need to. And for those with a safe driving record, a flexible opportunity to earn money on their own time. We’d like to thank the city governments in both cities and the province for their support in bringing ridesharing to Victoria and Kelowna.” 

“I’m excited to be the first passenger to ride an Uber in Victoria!” says Victoria Mayor Marianne Alto. “Uber will add important choices to Victoria’s urban transportation system in terms of convenience, safety, and reliability.”

“Uber’s ride-hailing service aligns with our Transportation Master Plan vision to reduce private car dependency, the need for parking and increase accessible and safe transportation options,” continues Kelowna Mayor Tom Dyas. “Ride-hailing is one way the city supports emerging technologies, increasing mobility options, and reducing our reliance on private single occupancy vehicles.”

To meet the expected demand for rides, interested drivers can visit driver.uber.com to learn more about driving with Uber.

Uber is now available in over 140 municipalities in Canada and over 10,000 cities globally.

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