UberX Share

Uber is Now Offering Shared Rides in Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal

While Uber paused its UberPool service in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ride-share service is now back, this time with a new shared rides feature called UberX Share. Available in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, shared rides, called UberX Share, will offer a host of new features and options.

With UberX Share, you will receive an upfront 20% discount on the ride. Those with an Uber One membership will get an additional 5% off the ride. While you’ll be sharing the ride with someone else, Uber says this will only add about six extra minutes to your trip. Aside from potentially meeting a new friend and saving money in the process, UberX Share is also a sustainable choice since it effectively encourages carpooling.

UberX Share ride

“We know affordability plays a role when people are making decisions on how to get from point A to B,” says Michael van Hemmen, General Manager of Uber Canada Mobility. “This new shared rides option will provide a more affordable and sustainable experience for riders and the cities we serve.”

Drivers will earn the same recommended rates as they would with UberX, though they would have to make separate pick-ups. It also means that the ride will be longer which means the fare will likely be slightly higher overall (but cheaper for the two riders each). There’s also a $1 pick-up incentive for the driver to grab a second rider.  

Uber follows current public health guidelines regarding masks and asks that riders are considerate if a driver or co-rider requests that you wear one.

UberX Share ride

Opting for UberX Share is, of course, a risk. You could get someone who is unfavourable as the ride partner. It could end up adding more time to your trip than anticipated if you hit traffic. But if you’re not in a rush, it’s a good option to save money and help the environment in the process. And chances are, the types of people who would choose shared rides are those who are willing or open to share the small space with a stranger, strike up a conversation, or simply focus on the ride to get from Point A to Point B without disruption.

UberX Share trips can be requested right now in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, though while the pick-up must be within these cities, the trip destinations can be outside of those areas. For Toronto, pick-ups for UberX Share include within the municipal borders of the City of Toronto. In Montreal, pick-ups are between the St-Lawrence in the South, the Rivière des Prairies in the North, Pie IX in the East, Cavendish and 32e Avenue to the West. Within Vancouver, you can arrange for an UberX Share pick-up anywhere in the city from Royal Oak Ave and Springer Ave in the East and including the UBC Campus in the West.