Darwyn robotic shuttle

Darwyn Opens Automated Fulfillment Facility in Ontario

Ontario-based end-to-end fulfillment ecosystem company Darwynn Ltd. has opened a new automated fulfillment facility in Scarborough, ON, about 25 minutes east of downtown Toronto. The technology within the facility, says Darwynn, is designed to assist merchants in meeting their B2B and B2C fulfillment channel needs.

Located at 40 Pullman Crt., the 45,000 square-foot facility features Automatic Storage Retrieval Systems (ASRS), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and the latest in conveyance technology. The facility is operated by a software platform that provides data and analytics for eCommerce businesses to gain insight into the entire fulfillment process.

At full capacity, the facility will be able to fulfill approximately 10,000 orders per day. As a multi-tenant space, numerous brands and businesses can leverage the automation, robotics, and technical capabilities of the facility, says Darwynn, which was designed to “optimize inventory density to meet the needs of both businesses and consumers, alike.”

“At Darwynn, we’re committed to improving the fulfillment experience for our customers,” confirms Reza Bafandeh, CEO of Darwynn Ltd. “We’ve developed an order collaboration platform that utilizes the latest robotic and automation technologies to help Canadian businesses reach consumers across Canada. I’m excited to announce our first successful deployment today, which has been the result of tireless work over the last several years.”

According to Darwynn, technological advancement in fulfillment is necessary to help meet the growing demands of customers, especially with the latest challenges posed by the global supply chain along with an increase in demand for online shopping. “People now expect items to be in stock and delivered with speed,” says the company, which calls high-tech solutions like the ones its new facility uses “a critical component to improving the Canadian supply chain.”

“Darwynn’s latest facility opening marks an exciting milestone not only for our organization but also the Canadian logistics ecosystem,” continues Wynn Xie, President of Darwynn Ltd. “Today’s launch is only the beginning of the innovative solutions that we will be looking to introduce across North America as we continue to expand our network. We are grateful for the trust that our Canadian partners have in us and are committed to revolutionizing the Canadian fulfillment industry with our state-of-the-art technology,”

On February 1, 2023, Darwynn also acquired a 10,000 square-foot Montreal facility to further expand its footprint across Canada. This location will also use Darwynn’s fulfillment platform and automation hardware once it is open and operational in late 2023.