Google Pixel Watch on woman sleeping

Sleep Profiles Now Available on Google Pixel Watch

Owners of the Google Pixel Watch can now enjoy Fitbit’s Sleep Profiles, which compare their sleep patterns over a period of time to that of a specific animal. This provides deeper insights into your sleep habits, helping you make healthy modifications or at least better understand your sleep.

Fitbit created Sleep Profiles after a decade of analyzing 22 billion hours of sleep data and 1.87 million sleep logs. Sleep Profiles are only available to Fitbit Premium subscribers (the Pixel Watch comes with a free trial). It takes into account 10 different aspects of sleep, including sleep duration, bedtime consistency, and disrupted sleep, to provide a complete picture.

Fitbit Sleep Profile - Giraffe

Your sleep animal represents what type of sleeper you were that month. For example, a giraffe, the most common type of sleeper (22.8% of users), is someone who doesn’t get a lot of sleep but sleeps solidly when they do. I, meanwhile, am a Parrot, which tend to keep a consistent bedtime and reach sound sleep quickly but tend to be light on REM sleep. You’ll also get a detailed analysis of how your sleep patterns compare to someone of a similar age and gender, so you can see where you may want to improve.

Since Fitbit launched Sleep Profiles earlier this year, the company says it has released 6.35 million profiles to users and discovered some interesting trends. People who use Sleep Profile are most successful at hitting the ideal range of “Time Before Sound Sleep” (52%), REM sleep (49.7%), and deep sleep (49.5%). But they are the least successful at hitting the ideal range of “Nights with Long Awakenings” and “Sleep Schedule Variability” (14.6% and 23.2%, respectively). The most common areas of improvement are Days with Naps (61.2%), Sleep Schedule Variability (52.7%), and Restorative Sleep (45.6%).

Google Pixel Watch

If you wore your Google Pixel Watch to sleep for at least 14 nights in October, you will receive your first Sleep Profile and animal on November 22. If you start wearing your watch to bed this week, you’ll get your results for the month of November some time in early December.