Pixelgen Launches New Products Powered by 4K Darbee Visual Presence Video Processing

Pixelgen Design has partnered with DarbeeVision, developer of video processing technology DARBEE Visual Presence (DVP), to develop the industry’s first standalone 4K video processing solution with embedded 4K DVP technology using Intel FPGAs.

Pixelgen, which is based in Burlington, ON, will launch PXLVISION for an MSRP of US$499 in early 2021. It will be the first of many 4K DVP-enabled products to be powered by Intel FPGAs. Pixelgen will produce the PXLVISION 4K video processing solution as a follow-up to the 1,080p DVP standalone offerings. 

“The new partnership will leverage Pixelgen’s expertise in creating ground-up, world-class video solutions,” reads a prepared announcement from the company.

Intel FPGA enable high quality and real time video processing required by the DVP processing technology. The PXLVISION product will carry the “powered by DARBEE” mark and global distribution will roll out through Pixelgen’s distributor and reseller network.

“We were looking for a partner with great strength in HDMI video circuit design and manufacturing, with very exacting and ultra-high standards,” says DarbeeVision President Larry Pace. “These new 4K DVP enabled video processing solutions are going to provide stunning results. The build quality will satisfy even the most discerning home theater expert user.

“And these new Pixelgen products will provide the end users with the pinnacle of image depth, clarity, and realism for all consumer video source and display applications,” Pace continues. “The industry has been relentlessly increasing image quality factors like pixel resolution, colour depth, dynamic backlighting, and nits, which are all welcome. These new Pixelgen 4K DVP-enabled products will be compatible and complementary to all the wonderful advancements to image processing and display fidelity. We are excited about the visual appeal that PXLVISION offers versus other solutions.”

“In the past, Pixelgen has been an interconnect manufacturer, specializing in 100 per cent uncompressed Ultra HD signal transmission methods – for example, PXLDRIVE and PXLGLASS,” adds Jack MacDougall, Pixelgen CEO. “With the development of PXLVISION, we are finally able to introduce a Pixelgen video enhancement solution that can use these unscathed pixels in some truly impactful and beautiful ways. The effect is like removing a protective film from the 4K display—pure satisfaction. There is an immersive sense of space in the image provided, and amazing clarity and detail that comes without disturbing the content. Moving forward with Pixelgen 4K/UHD DVP-enabled processing solutions, end users can expect intuitive control, mobile device connectivity, and a smart/sleek design. We are proud to have been selected to build these next generation 4K DVP-based products under the Pixelgen name and we are committed to honouring Paul Darbee’s discovery, inventions, and vision.”

“Intel FPGAs, with a mixture of modular video interfaces and high performing flexible fabric, are ideal for enabling innovative real time 4K video processing appliances,” explains Rina Raman, Vice President, Data Platforms Group and General Manager, Embedded Acceleration at Intel.

Additional details about product specifications, applications, and sales channels will be published soon.