Sonus Faber Collaborates with Maserati on MC20 Supercar

Sonus faber, founded in Vicenza in 1983 is an Italian manufacturer of luxury handcrafted speakers and a division of U.S. audio manufacturer McIntosh Labs. Sonus faber yesterday announced a collaboration with Maserati on the MC20 supercar, making this the only model in the world currently in production with a Sonus faber sound system. The MC20 is a mid-engine 90-degree twin-turbo V-6, 620 horsepower supercar, that will also be available as an all-electric supercar in 2022. The automotive press has been anticipating the MC20 as the Maserati model that could once and for all topple Ferrari from the podium of luxury Italian supercars.Maserati claims the MC20 will accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds making it faster than the Lamborghini Huracan Evo.

The Sonus faber audio system for the Maserati MC20 vehicle cabin was designed and engineered in Italy just like Maserati and features a 12-channel high-power 695-watt Class-D Dual 400MHz DSP amplifier with oversized power supply, and 12 independently driven speakers 5 tweeters x 45W, 5 midranges x 60W, and 2 Woofers x 60W. 

Expressing his anticipation for this synergistic partnership, McIntosh Group Co-CEO and CEO of the Sonus faber brand, Jeff Poggi, said, “The collaboration with Maserati is the perfect marriage of Italian culture and aligns seamlessly, given each brand’s promise to deliver the highest quality experience to its devout clientele. Outfitted with a dynamic, high power 695-watt amplifier and transducers crafted with refined, natural materials, the Sonus faber system compliments the performance and luxury of the Maserati brand.”

Sonus faber is extremely proud and excited to share with its customers the results of the cooperation between two Italian classics’.” said Sonus faber Brand Ambassador Paolo Tezzon. “The caliber of detail that goes into manufacturing a Maserati model perfectly matched Sonus faber’s attention to detail and inspired our team to focus on what has defined the brand over the years—expert craftsmanship. Utilizing tuning to provide a naturally distinguishable sound we complimented the intense force of the Maserati Tridente engine with Sonus faber’s soothing natural sound to create a hybrid of melodic movement.”

The Maserati x Sonus faber MC20 super sports car launched yesterday and will be available starting September 10th for pre-order.  Pricing has not been announced, but then again, if you have to ask how much, well…