A passenger in an Uber vehicle.

Uber Launches Eats Pass, Uber Pet in Canada

Uber has launched a few new services in Canada: Uber Pass replaces Eats Pass and Uber Pet is a brand new offering.

With Uber Pass, members can get benefits on both food delivery as well as rides. For $9.99/mo., the pass includes no delivery fees on eligible restaurant orders over $15, no deliver fees on grocery orders over $40, 5% off eligible restaurant orders over $15, and exclusive monthly benefits on rides, such as discounted rates.

Meanwhile, Uber Pet now allows members to select rides that are pet-friendly so they can bring along their furry friends. Uber Pets is available in a handful of cities thus far across Canada. Note that customers with service animals can continue to choose any ride available to them at no additional cost, as per Uber’s Service Animal Policy.

Additionally, UberX Reserve is coming later this month, allowing you to plan and confirm UberX trips up to 30 days in advance, with an on-time guarantee. UberX Reserve will roll out to select cities later this month.

“After a year of limited travel, we know that Canadians are looking for options to safely, affordably, and conveniently get where they need to go,” says Matthew Price, General Manager of Uber Canada. “That’s why we’re rolling out new products like Uber Pass, UberX Reserve and Uber Pet for users, their friends, and even their furry family members to get anywhere they need to go.”

While the pandemic has certainly impacted Uber’s business, the company says that data from early June shows that earnings across Canada for ridesharing were 57% higher than the same week in January. This can be attributed to higher vaccination levels and economies slowly re-opening. To meet this demand, Uber is looking for 30,000+ drivers to sign up across the country.