A passenger in an Uber vehicle.

Uber Adds Temporary Fuel Surcharge To Help Offset Gas Price Increases

Everyone is feeling the crunch thanks to rising gas prices, and rideshare, food, and product delivery service Uber is adding a new consumer surcharge in order to offset these.

All rides with Uber and deliveries with Uber Eats will, for the time being, including a surcharge that customers must pay, 100% of which will go directly to the drivers and delivery people.

The fee, which will commence Wednesday, March 16, will include $0.50 on every ride and the equivalent of $0.35 per Uber Eats trip where the distance is shorter. Uber says the fee will last for at least the next 60 days, after which Uber will continue to monitor the fas price situation and adjust accordingly.

“We know drivers and delivery people are feeling the sting of higher prices at the pump, so we’re rolling out a temporary fuel surcharge to help address record gas prices,” says Laura Miller, Head of Policy and Communications for Uber Canada. “Our hope is that this temporary measure will help ensure earnings remain high for drivers and delivery people. We’ll continue to listen to feedback and make changes if needed.”

Uber notes that the temporary fee is designed to reduce the burden of high gas prices, not to cover the full cost of a tank.

Long term, Uber continues to work to encourage drivers and delivery people to make the switch to electric vehicles, which will both limit the impact of the volatility in fuel prices and lower emissions. Uber has committed to operate a zero-emission platform globally by 2040, and in Canadian cities with supportive policies, like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, by 2030. 

Earlier this year, Uber annonuced a partnership with Plug’n Drive to create and offer webinars as well as host test drive opportunities for drivers. This will give drivers the opportunity to learn about the total cost of owning an EV and the benefits of making the switch from gas to electric. 

Last fall, Uber announced a partnership with Greenlots, a member of Shell Group, to create three new charging stations in Vancouver to increase EV charger access exclusively for drivers and delivery people on the Uber platform. It will offer discounted rates to make public charging more affordable than charging at home. 

Drivers who switch to EVs can enjoy higher earnings potential due to Uber’s Green Future Program, which provides incentives, like $1 more per trip up to $4,000 annually, for drivers to transition from gas-powered vehicles to EVs.